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NextPoint Group is a subcontractor to Unisys on the Encore contract. Encore is an IDIQ, task order based contract.

The Encore contract provides all integration activities within the boundaries of the DoD, Federal Agencies, NATO Allies, state, and local government agencies. Enterprise-wide technical solutions include requirement documentation, benchmarking and baselining, process reengineering, prototyping, modeling, development, deployment operation and maintenance through the entire life cycle of the Automated Information System (AIS).

Technical solutions provided by the contractor exist within the scope of the following ten task areas:

  • Task Area 1 – Enterprise IT Policy and Planning
  • Task Area 2 – Integrated Solutions Management
  • Task Area 3 – Performance Benchmarking
  • Task Area 4 – Business Process Reengineering
  • Task Area 5 – Requirements Analysis
  • Task Area 6 – Market Research and Prototyping
  • Task Area 7 – Info and Knowledge Engineering
  • Task Area 8 – Custom Application Development
  • Task Area 9 – Product Integration
  • Task Area 10 – Test and Evaluation
  • Task Area 11 – Licensing and Support

Encore website

US Corporate Office:13800 Coppermine Road, Suite 300, Herndon, VA 20171

US Administrative Office:4250 North Fairfax Drive, Suite 600, Arlington, Virginia 22203
Europe/Asia: Herriotstraße 1, 60528 Frankfurt Germany

Fax: (703) 935-5526